In working with several companies, it has been easy to notice that many times the interest of the customer is not always the first thing in mind. In a several recent studies done it was obvious that customer care was the one of the most important reasons for leaving a company’s service and going over to a competitor. As a matter of fact, 66% of people surveyed said it was the number one reason they stopped working with a company.

Do you feel like your focus is on taking care of your customers instead of taking care of your paycheck? If you stumble or have to take time to think about it then the chances are that you don’t focus on the customer and may need to critique how you approach those that are bringing the money into your business.

So what is a customer looking for when it comes to service? A recent Gallup study, it was found that customers care more about how in depth and friendly the communication/ interactions are instead of the speed. Customers want to feel that their questions are being answered in such a way that they won’t have to ask again and that you as a businessman really did go all the way to put their concerns to bed.

Many times we focus on speed in an effort to help our customers feel like we haven’t wasted their time and therefore they will be more likely to come back. This is not the case according to the studies cited. What customers consider a waste of time is not how long it took to find an answer or determine how to invest their money etc. It’s considered a waste of time if the questions and concerns weren’t answered in a such a way so that the customer doesn’t have to ask them again.

So in the future, slow down and relax. Your customers don’t want you to rush them out the door. It’s the exact opposite of that. They want to feel that you took the time needed to answer them fully.

What else am I doing wrong? Many companies have a customer service policy that requires you take care of a customer within a certain time frame. These numbers are based off of the average time it takes to handle similar questions. The problem with this is that it takes away from the “quality time” that customers crave so much. Consider changing your customer service return time and allowing for communication to be less restriced.